About us
We are UK based company promoting over 800 videos per month, delivering 4-5 millions of video views per week. Partnership with several media agencies, labels, artists and  companies from all over the world. We have been established since 2008!  We do the promotion on all major social sites  (like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, MySpace, SoundCloud, DatPiff, Reverbnation, etc). We do not use any fake sources or bots to increase views. Your video is watched by REAL people only. Buy with confidence! We begin work on all orders within 24h of purchase.

Even though YouTube has been around for only couple of years, people from all over the world already realized how powerful tool it is and the countless possibilities it gives when it comes to promote your own video. By uploading the video on YouTube it has enormous chances to reach viewers from the whole of the globe!

Artist Promotion
All up-and-coming artists knowing its transferability use YouTube facilities to spread awareness of their songs and videos to increase its popularity and, what comes along, fame of the artist himself. The more followers he will gain and views his video will receive, the greater his vogue may be.Apart from young and upcoming artists, YouTube’s phenomenal concept of allowing everyone from all over the world to share their creativity for free, has been widely exploited even by well known, established and leading groups and artists, who use its convenience to promote their latest productions. The key to make the most of promotional opportunity YouTube provides and to derive maximum benefits out of it, is a priceless knowledge of how to increase views of your video.

YouTube Honours
Popular videos are placed on better listings as well as in YouTube Most Viewed category. This itself increases your video chances to be viewed by even more people across the world. But to get to those favourable listings your video needs to get as much views as possible within first 48 hours from the launch time. This can be achieved by sharing your video’s URL among you relatives and friends, who will then pass it to others. So in this situation your video’s popularity will increase only when more and more people will share its URL and so there’s no guarantee for this method to succeed as you are dependent only on your friends and relatives actions. You can also place your video’s URL on popular social network sites, but there your video will be viewed only by limited number of people who will be willing to click on your link and then, if they like it, pass it to others. In both methods you are reliant on other people who will or will not share the information about the same and none of these will work until exchange of your link will occur.

Real People Not Bots
YouTube ranks video popularity accordingly to its watch count. How to, without having to rely on uncertain actions of other people, safely increase YouTube views of your video? Some people use unethical means in order to achieve higher rank of their video. To cheat on the counter, they used bots (now anti bot measures are set up on the site) or proxy servers that fool YouTube website on number of visits their video receives. Such activity may result in having your video counter frozen until actual number of real visitors will view it, or even your YouTube account banned/deleted.

Promote Yourself
In order to increase your popularity and efficiently promote your video on YouTube you can buy YouTube views. Your video will be visited by real humans, not by robots. Also there is a chance of them sharing your video with others if they liked it. This method allows your video to step up in ranks and gain YouTube Honours and it’s you who decide how many people will watch it. Many promising artists with a real potential to succeed worldwide went unnoticed amongst YouTube crowd as they didn’t find effective way to promote themselves. Don’t let yourself to be one of them and invest in your career!

Main Benefits of using our YouTube Views service:

Becoming more popular!

If you are a musician, an artist or just have got talent, promote your video and become famous! Most well-known media agencies everyday search YouTube for new talented people!

Appearing on better listings

More views of your video means that YouTube will place you on better listings, most viewed listings and higher position in search results!

Gaining more referrals

More views you have, more referrals you have. Simply as.

Getting more people watching your video

Your video becomes more popular so more people will watch it.

Improving your video’s position in Search Engines

As your video is more popular on YouTube automatically its improving position in Google, Yahoo, etc.

Making your video more desirable to be embed by other sites

More views – bigger chance that your video will be embedded by other websites.

Increasing your website’s traffic

If you use this video for promotion of your website, you will boost visits on it.

And much much more other benefits

Please familiarize yourself with our YouTube views packages and promote yourself with confidence!